Nice to meet you, 

For this opportunity, this game can only be play by 2 players.

Player 1  control: W = Up and S=Down

Player 2 control:Up arrow = Up and Down arrow = Down

I would like to announce that I've developed my first game.

I only have a year of experience as a programmer and game developer, of course meaning that I started Lima Productions since I got out of game school.

I know this is a small game, but it took quite a few days to come up with the right tutorials, make it and release it. With this I want people to review my work and if it is not too much to ask. I will be glad if people could help me to point out mistakes that I wasn't able to see or help to improve my code.

Thank you very much!

I'll be uploading small games, up until I become a better Indie Game Developer.  

Published May 23, 2017
AuthorLima Gaming
Made withUnity
Tagsfirst-game, new-in-all-this